Sunday, August 23, 2009


John Penley and Biker Bill , 2 Homelss Veterans on Crusty Row Saturday Night

John, Can you find somewhere else other than the Christa Dora?

You know Mike Rosen has a book he is plugging saying the developer landlord Rosen is Angelina Jolie adopting troubled kids and you are interfering with public relations.
Thank you.
Biker Bill.. one of a kind
Bob, is there something we can do to support this action? Tarps or other recommended donations?
At this point I do not know of any thing that can be done other than to tell friends and show up .
Thanks, if you learn of anything please reply here, I'll check again before the action.
I don't think what John's doing is funny or productive. At all.
I'm not a fan of Angelina Jolie (gettin kids from Africa and Vietnam then going to McDonald saying they are human too? WTF?), but as I see troubled kids in the neighborhood, what Mike Rosen has done is something we gotta give him some credit. Yesterday I met a girl like in her late teen at Tompkins playground, with her son like 2 y.o., she said "I can't get him college. He'll be like his grandpa and his daddy. And we'll be crammed up in a fuckin room in Jacob Riis!!"
It's easy to criticize someone for having some money and living in a penthouse. But I ask you, "what have you done to the kids lately?"
Mommy think this--even crammed in Jacob Riis--they have a shelter. Not so for a lot of people.
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