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N.Y.U. Students ?


Missing Foundation Still Remembered on Avenue A


"Detroit Iron" Parked on Avenue A


Bike Noise II

Thursday, April 30, 2009


Another Friday Night Bum Fight and Other Things ...

It wasn't the first drink to be snatched from the Yuca Bar window . L.E.S. Jewels has been pictured here several times snagging and absconding with other folks' Booze . According to a witness this Friday night's drink thief had made at least 4 previous snatches and had become drunk and a little sloppy . This green limed mixed drink flying down the street with the latest drink thief was not to be guzzled by this thirsty drunk though .
The incensed bar patron who had paid for this drink exited the bar , ran down the street , grabbed the drink thief and took back his drink . The thief's efforts produced nothing . There was more to come though for our drink thief .
Police came to the scene looking for a reported EDP (emotionally disturbed person ) but arriving too late found no one to arrest
Most of the regulars were busy on the avenue guzzling beers . The Avenue A Groper was knockin' back a "Cobra" and Jewels was lookin' for the spare change to buy a "Sparks" of his own . Most seemed a little edgy but remained functional : all could still stand upright . Our most recent drink thief was at the center of it all staggering from one side of the avenue A sidewalk to the other as well as wandering drunkenly and innocently into the avenue A traffic .
A drunken tumble evolved between this Friday's drink thief and former drink thief Jewels on the sidewalk . Folks gathered out side Odessa bar to watch and comment . For a while Jewels ,with his recently broken jaw , held his own but after a few minutes of rolling around on the sidewalk the drink thief manged to flip Jewels into the air landing him on his head thus directing the momentum of the sidewalk tussle in the drink thief's favor . The fight ended and both walked off to drink some more .
The drinking continued for all but Jewels who , even though his Amy was working and earning money right next door at Ray's Candy Store , hadn't sufficient change for a favorite "Sparks" . Jewels sat down and leaning his back against the wall of the now closed Yuca Bar buried his face between his knees . A drunken stranger walked up to this subdued Jewels and slapped him on the top of his head apparently trying to start another fight . Nothing happened .
The drinking and partying went on for some time . Most involved spent the night in various states of inebriation and wake fullness . The drink thief passed out in the doorway next to Ray's , again following Jewels' example by later publicly exposing himself and producing a gushing fountain of urine for all to see and avoid .
The next day , Saturday , the drink thief spent the day snatching drinks , drinking and raising hell in Tompkins Square Park . Some time around midnight Saturday evening the drink thief was found unconscious in the gutter at the corner of 7th street and avenue A . He was taken to detox by ambulance . Sunday he was to be seen , well stewed, wandering about the chess tables in TSP wearing clean clothes with a mixed drink--in a restaurant style glass with ice cubes--in his hand .

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Marlene Returns to the Street ...

Marlene had a place to live ; a place to live off the street . Marlene trusted a man who led her astray . Now Marlene lives on the street .
Living on the street is not a new experience for Marlene . Known to many as "Hot Dog", Marlene had spent many years living on the street but she had for the last year or so been living in a residence on the Bowery .
Whatever happened , likely something involving drinking and violations of her residence's rules , she was brought to today's situation by her association with an unreliable man . A man who Marlene says took her out in his van and partied with her . She had a good time but it cost her a roof-over-her-head , free meals and a soft bed . She also was waiting for her "package" to go through the system so that she could get a room of her own somewhere . Marlene lost it all because of a bum with some beers and a set of wheels .
Marlene now spends a lot of her time near the corner of St Marks Place and 2nd avenue spanging . She often wears a blue wig . She says that the people over there treat her well . Some of the restaurants feed her . She says that there are fewer of the Tompkins Square Park trouble makers over there to give her problems . Marlene says that the police in that area treat her well also . With 20 years or so of street life behind her Marlene has known much worse times .
Friday afternoon Marlene was on avenue A . A cab and some pedestrians irritated her while she was trying to cross--beer in hand --the avenue . She perfunctorily "Mooned" them all and walked on , crossing the avenue . She had been in TSP and had drank a few beers and just wanted to cross the avenue . The spanging was good on the far side of avenue A and there were some old friends there to hang with .
By night fall with the avenue alive with all kinds of folks , Marlene , after all those afternoon beers , was well prepared for a night of more drinking , hell raising and generally mischievous fun . Marlene slept on the avenue A sidewalk Friday night .

Monday, April 27, 2009


Biker Bill Says : "Sometimes a Man Just Has to Lie"


Simple Pleasures

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Friday Night Girl Talk : Eden and Marlene

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