Saturday, May 02, 2009


Missing Foundation Still Remembered on Avenue A

The return of Missing Foundation
What was it exactly? I photographed it back in 1985 when I was taking a photo class at NYU. I knew it was an overturned martini glass and I remember text like "wake up, the party is over" and thought it was some kind of call to stop gentrification in the area. But I was never sure. It was a band too I think. What's your insight?
This was "Missing Foundation "an anarchic local band .It was at the fore in the attack on the gentrifiers . Loud and discordant .Many TSP performances .

The band member Peter Missing now lives in Germany and occasionally comes to NYC. More can be found at numerous sites on the internet
Yes Bob;band was also known as "Drunk driving" in the beginning;thus the upside down martini glass...Yup....
The Party's Over.
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