Saturday, March 28, 2009


"Cochise" Takes a Tumble ...

He had been drinking for several days and was very drunk . Slobbering and spitting as he spoke , with a load in his pants no one wanted "Cochise" near them . Friday night on avenue A he got too close to an Odessa Bar patron and the inevitable happened . "Cochise " took a punch and tumbled to the sidewalk out front of Odessa Bar on Friday night .
After several warnings to stay clear ; after being told repeatedly that he was not wanted , "Cochise" , who continued to aggressively approach more closely , was blitzed by a punch from the hostile white male wearing a white cap that was telling him to stay away . Beer foam sprayed all about as "Cochise " dropped humiliatingly backwards to the sidewalk . Stunned and befuddled he sat on his ass on the avenue A sidewalk mumbling and crying out unintelligibly . Some down the street heard his cries .
Three of the usual avenue A suspects , the ones from the "Thursday Night Tussle " posted of here previously , having heard the cries of "Cochise" arrived on scene and placed themselves in the white male's face . The white male had friends and thus there was a standoff in front of the bar ... with "Cochise" at a distance awkwardly struggling to get back on his feet . The confrontation divided on racial lines as had the "Thursday Night Tussle" and stood to become a serious fight but for the fact that in the street two plain clothes cops in a taxi were watching .
At the right time the cops walked into the fray . The white male in the white cap and his friends hurriedly turned to move down the block away from the potential battleground and into the night . The cops followed and grabbed a couple of the white males who were told to put their hands on the wall and spread their legs . The cops frisked and questioned the males . No one was arrested and all left the scene as quickly as possible .
"Cochise" after recovering what was left of his beer waddled off down the middle avenue A .

Friday, March 27, 2009


Friday Afternoon on Avenue A

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Sky Over Tompkins Square Park

Just think about this a minute . You can recline on a TSP park bench or the grass--both unlawful activities in TSP ; you will receive a notice of violation for these two actions-- and look up at this sky . Anyone ; be they NYU student , fashion model , young urban professional , Crusty , Punk , Skinhead , truck driver , unemployed financial professional even winos and junkies can behold this sky .


Monday Night at Ray's Candy Store


Monday Night on Avenue A

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