Friday, March 27, 2009


Friday Afternoon on Avenue A

Bob -- i got an email from evblogger69

I sent it to the press -- especially guys that have contacts with the NYPD and I have no shyness contact the police as well. Lincoln says he does not know who it is. But the person who sent it seems to know who him.

Sent it to my friend that writes for Vanity Fair sent to my family sending this email to everyone

Just one question - who are you really?

Are you ////y OR are you ///my pen name?

Perhaps Scoopy can figure it out and tell us.

We all want to know.

I sent the police a copy and called the 9th Precinct.
Lincoln asked me to not contact the police I told him I did already and to not contact me.

The email is clearly someone who knows him and is conspiring with Scoopy who is Lincoln. I asked him not to contact me again because I called the police and he contacted me about hour later saying not to contact him.

Jim has become so unbearable I don't believe I can help him anymore and I feel sorry for Clayton and Elsa for giving Jesse shelter because it means Jim has and will call and abuse them as well.

It is too much.
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