Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Sky Over Tompkins Square Park

Just think about this a minute . You can recline on a TSP park bench or the grass--both unlawful activities in TSP ; you will receive a notice of violation for these two actions-- and look up at this sky . Anyone ; be they NYU student , fashion model , young urban professional , Crusty , Punk , Skinhead , truck driver , unemployed financial professional even winos and junkies can behold this sky .

Cool man!!! Now I need just a little Pink Floyd and???...well,you know the rest!!!!
I did not know this!!!
This is a great reminder that there are still some things assholes can't fuck-up. Or, I should say, haven't yet.
Makes me wish I had a bag of dust now!
Hey, I keep looking into the clouds in this photo, but I STILL can't see Jewels with his dick hanging out!!!!
You must be more serious about your meditations .Try to free your mind first . All will come in time .
I live on E 6th St off 1st Ave. At least once a week for the past 2 months I've noticed on our block smashed car windows in an obvious smash'n'grab - just wondering is it just my block or is this happening elsewhere in the village -
What we see in the streets and what we hear from others indicates that such behavior is becomming more common .

All is not Blue Sky in the days ahead .
That's the block where last year cops cut and stole bikes locked to meter poles and street signs, arresting a man and woman who filmed and questioned what they were doing.

With all that going on, where could they find time to deal with car break-ins?
car windows smashed is commonplace on 9th (also but to a lesser degree 8th and 10th) between B/C for a number of months now.
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