Saturday, February 14, 2009


St. Valentine's Day at Ray's Candy Store : Amy and Jewels


14 February ,00:30 hrs : St. Valentine's Day Begins on St Marks Place

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Spring Day in February in Tompkins Square Park


Today Donna Said that Her Former Boy Friend Hit Her

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


"Choice" with Mirror

"Choice"is just returned from Rikers Island a few days and is seen loitering with numerous others , not pictured , at Ray's Candy Store . Beer , "Sparks" and cheap liquor stir and roughen spirits . An evening of confrontations and near fights follows and then a mirror appears from somewhere ....

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


9 February , 2009 : Full Moon Over Tompkins Square Park


Donna at the Chess Tables ...

As we passed by the Tompkins Square Park chess tables Donna yelled " take my picture ; please take my picture " . We walked over to her table where she told us that she had gotten rid of her boy friend . He had treated her wrong and since it was her check that paid the rent , she just threw the bum out . Donna was sitting at the chess table trying to celebrate .


Full Moon Rises in Tompkins Square Park


Avenue A Attitude


Venus in Oak Tree in Tompkins Square Park

Sunday, February 08, 2009


An Update on Ray's Candy Store ...

Our new President tells us that we are today facing a great national financial disaster . You wouldn't suspect this to be the case from hanging-out on avenue A this last Saturday night . Though the neighborhood's usual troubled souls were present , most of the crowd on the street was well dressed , well fed , liquored-up and having a good time spending lots of money . This was all good for Ray of course ; he had a solid 6 to 7 hours of continuous business . Amy worked the front counter and in the back Ray fried and fried and fried . All while a photography student photographed Ray's candy store and business operation for a class project .
Though this warm Saturday night helped Ray make some money it wasn't enough to make much difference in his over-all financial situation . He still doesn't have enough money to pay the electric bill or pay the rent for the store . If we have more warm weather he might make enough to just meet these expenses and perhaps a few others too. The rent that Ray pays for his month-to-month lease will be increased by $500 in April .... and there are the payments on the $40000 of credit card debt too .
If Con Ed turns off the electrical service or the managing agent evicts Ray from his store Ray will have no source of income ; income that he needs for food and for his apartment rent . Without his store Ray will be without an income of any kind ; he has no savings ; no other source of income ; not even Social Security . Because Ray does not have the Social Security income that he is entitled to , the loss of the candy store income will mean that Ray will not be able to pay his residential rent or buy food .
Recently several attempts have been made to get the NYC Dept. of Adult Protective Services and the Dept. of the Aging to help Ray obtain his just , lawful SS benefits , benefits that he is entitled to and that he desperately needs . These attempts have so far been unsuccessful ; lots of confusion and excuses but no help .
We recently noticed that our Mayor Mike has been promoting a program to help recently unemployed Wall Street professionals with their problems . With severance pay , a savings account , investments and probably some sort of home to live in , if you are a recently unemployed financial services professional you can go to this site for even more : . Where does 76 year old Ray ; who for now pays rent and lives on left-over hot dogs , potatoes , ice cream and sauerkraut ; go for help ?
76 year old Ray needs professional assistance obtaining his Social Security benefits .


Youths Held by Police for Violent Acts on Avenue A...

Sunday morning around 2:30 AM at 6th Street and Avenue A police took into custody several youths from uptown that had been ,we were told ,wilding on avenue A . One of the young males was cuffed having been identified as having broken a bottle over a victims head .
We were also told at this time that just down avenue A a bit a stabbing had occurred and that police were looking for 3 Hispanic male suspects .

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