Wednesday, February 11, 2009


"Choice" with Mirror

"Choice"is just returned from Rikers Island a few days and is seen loitering with numerous others , not pictured , at Ray's Candy Store . Beer , "Sparks" and cheap liquor stir and roughen spirits . An evening of confrontations and near fights follows and then a mirror appears from somewhere ....

AHHH!! This is a weird one..I love it!
"Oh my God!!! Eden is trapped in the mirror!!! Bob,we have to save Eden!!! "Oh my God"!!!!
This guy is piece of crap. When he gets croaked, who the fuck is gonna miss him?
i used to call him ' before you say "no" ' because that was his clever introduction to his spanging routine. can you believe this dude has a kid?
Eden is on Ave A too much
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