Thursday, February 12, 2009


Today Donna Said that Her Former Boy Friend Hit Her

I want to state this emphatically: Hitting anyone or anything is not acceptable behavior by any means. So why is this so difficult to comprehend??
I have never hit a woman. I have a good job where I can afford to live in a market rate one bedroom in a doorman building downtown (NOT in the financial district). I am a graduate of an Ivy League university with a masters' as well from another, and I am not a legacy admit (I grew up in a poor rust belt Midwestern town and my parents did not attend college).

Women will have nothing to do with me. I married a foreign woman whom I put through graduate school and supported while she pursued a very difficult career that paid dismally. When she became a citizen and finally could support herself, she LEFT me. I got a great job at 22 and married then, so I am still young (31), but still women to not like me. These same women will be with jerks who usee them for their bodies or scam money off of them. I see pretty girls with scum bags all the time. I here them bitch, but they will not have anything to do with me.

Frankly, women must like being knocked around and taken advantage of. They choose abusive losers all the time over reliable men. No one forces these women to ignore good men and take home abusive losers. They obviously must enjoy it.
I love Donna and have defended her more than once against her boyfriends abuse!!!;but I have to say Bob that this anonymous has left a bitter taste in my mouth with his "bitter" whining about woman!!!!
I constantly see her drunk in the park.
Such a powerful portrait. She looks like she's lived such a heavy, heavy life. Being hit by that boyfriend is probably just a drop of water in the ocean of what she's experienced. Wow.
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