Saturday, January 03, 2009


A Search for the Truth : "Black-Ops" Bob at Bellevue ...

Scene of an Investigation during the Inquisition by Alessandro Mangasco ,1710

Last week fact was sought concerning the sanity of Black-Ops Bob ( Robert Lee Griffin) in a courtroom at Bellevue Hospital . The hearing included a judge , two lawyers and Bob's Bellevue psych-ward doctor .

A friend of ours attended the hearing and spoke on the stand in support of releasing Bob. Our friend feels that having known Bob for a few years that he is not dangerous to others or himself and should be released . This is not what the court decided .

According to our friend , Bob's doctor claimed that Bob was seriously delusional and required more observation . This is what the judge decided : at least 2 more weeks locked-up and medicated .

Bob spoke on the stand to the accomplishment of his much desired material liberation ; answering his interrogators as the man pictured above hanging by his arms is answering ... as best he could . Bob had difficulty speaking intelligibly to the issues of his sanity and freedom in a clear , articulate manner because he was , according to our friend , significantly medicated with Resperdal , an anti-schizophrenic , anti-psychotic drug .

The Hospital staff and the court will keep Bob long enough at least to show that due diligence was given his case : all professionals cover their asses in these situations . If they do release Bob they will likely only do so with a mandatory regimen of medication , probably their favorite Resperdal , to be taken indefinitely ; again covering their asses .

Perhaps what applies most aptly here for Bob and others entering this public mental health-care system , even those doing so voluntarily , is the phrase inscribed above the entrance to Dante's Hell , Abandon any hope you who enter here .

According to our friend , Bob's last slurred and muddled words were ,"this place is Hell on Earth" .


Dog and Crustys

Thursday, January 01, 2009


East Village New Year's Morning


East Village New Years Eve

Wednesday, December 31, 2008


A Proposed New Year Model for Our Politicians and Our Political Families or Why Does Only Hillary Wear Red?..

Painted by Titian in 1545 or 1546 , this unfinished picture , a psychological revelation in paint of the relation of Pope Paul III to two of his grandsons ; Ottavio of Parma , a duke , and Alessandro Farnese , a cardinal-nephew ; we present as a depiction of a man whose life as a Pope of the Roman Catholic Church , we suggest , should be considered as an example of political action and decorum to be emulated in this New Year by our politicians and our wealthy , privileged and powerful political families .
Pope Paul III was reportedly a friend of humanists and artists , at least in the earlier part of his life . As Pope he presented the papal bull Sublimus Dei which proscribed the enslavement of native peoples in the New World . He recognized Loyola's Society of Jesus , the Jesuits . He also fought Christian heretics , protestant princes and apostates by leading the counter-reformation and by creating the Holy Office and the Roman Inquisition . He strengthened and enrichened his family while increasing and consolidating his power by giving positions of political significance to favoured family members .
Alessandro Farnese--whose mother , Giovanna Caetani , descended from the family that produced Pope Boniface VIII-- who became Pope Paul III in 1534 took pains to support and empower the Farnese family and thus strengthen his political position by among other actions making his illegitimate son , Pier Luigi , Duke of Parma and by making 3 of his grandsons , Alessandro Farnese, Guido Ascania Sforza and Ranuccio Farnese , Cardinals at the respective ages of 14 , 16 and 15 .
This coming year let the Kennedys , Clintons , Jacksons , Bidens , Cuomos , Bushes , Bloombergs , Quinns , Lauders , Obama and others , today standing on their mere feet of clay , get some class . Let this underachieving , pedestrian and rather uninteresting ruling elite learn something here of the superior political style and effectiveness of a successful , crafty and calculating Renaissance politician from this old pope's exalted example in this New Year of 2009.


At Ray's : Sales Volume Drops ; Unit Prices Shoot up to Produce Necessary Profits ...

Because of the recent decrease in the volume of sales at Ray's candy Store , the prices of most of Ray's products were raised tonight in order to produce sufficient profit to continue operation of the candy store . Tonight most of the prices of Ray's products were back at their pre-Obama brand craze levels . The magic of the Obama name produced an increase in sales volume for a while allowing the lowering of unit prices for Ray's uniquely branded product line . But recently the Obama brand seems to have lost most of it's mojo with sales volume decreasing precipitously the last 3 weeks .
Tonight one could see not only that prices were back up to pre-election levels but also that most of the Obama brand advertising art and product naming was gone from Ray's candy store .

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Pictures With Jay : Helen Buys a DVD ...

Jay , who is off the sauce these days , was selling DVDs on consignment tonight for an infamous East Village resident activist . Original Slacktivist John Penley is leaving the city soon and wants to travel as lightly as possible . He offered Jay the opportunity to make a little pocket change for both of them by selling on consignment Mr. Penley's DVD collection out front of Ray's Candy Store Tuesday night .




Bailey's Dinged Nose

Monday, December 29, 2008


Carmen and John




Biker Bill , Barnacle Bill , Steve and Eden at Ray's Candy Store

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