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A Search for the Truth : "Black-Ops" Bob at Bellevue ...

Scene of an Investigation during the Inquisition by Alessandro Mangasco ,1710

Last week fact was sought concerning the sanity of Black-Ops Bob ( Robert Lee Griffin) in a courtroom at Bellevue Hospital . The hearing included a judge , two lawyers and Bob's Bellevue psych-ward doctor .

A friend of ours attended the hearing and spoke on the stand in support of releasing Bob. Our friend feels that having known Bob for a few years that he is not dangerous to others or himself and should be released . This is not what the court decided .

According to our friend , Bob's doctor claimed that Bob was seriously delusional and required more observation . This is what the judge decided : at least 2 more weeks locked-up and medicated .

Bob spoke on the stand to the accomplishment of his much desired material liberation ; answering his interrogators as the man pictured above hanging by his arms is answering ... as best he could . Bob had difficulty speaking intelligibly to the issues of his sanity and freedom in a clear , articulate manner because he was , according to our friend , significantly medicated with Resperdal , an anti-schizophrenic , anti-psychotic drug .

The Hospital staff and the court will keep Bob long enough at least to show that due diligence was given his case : all professionals cover their asses in these situations . If they do release Bob they will likely only do so with a mandatory regimen of medication , probably their favorite Resperdal , to be taken indefinitely ; again covering their asses .

Perhaps what applies most aptly here for Bob and others entering this public mental health-care system , even those doing so voluntarily , is the phrase inscribed above the entrance to Dante's Hell , Abandon any hope you who enter here .

According to our friend , Bob's last slurred and muddled words were ,"this place is Hell on Earth" .

How Sad!! Think Only Two More Weeks.
The Soviets used this method to quiet enemies of Socialism, such as human rights activists and Jews. When suffciently medicated, anyone can come across as delusional.

What I do not understand: why don't the doctors and the crusties make an alliance? The crusties can receive all of these precious drugs and fill the psych ward whilethe doctors can keep their jobs without engaging in the involuntary restraint of sane individuals.
Great post, Bob--funny, sad, and informative. Great meeting and talking with you last night--Boris
those shrinks feel they have to socialize everybody--it's them who are nutz-fucking power crazy jerk-offs from hell.
He's out.
yes im out with a new phyic new diegnosis in rehab for drugs but my new phyic knows I do theritical phyics and that it was a rail road by a phyic tec at goveneur hospital that started it all the rehab is good for me and will help my situation in several ways Ill be doing stage work this summer in tompsons squair park as always but Im stright edge now as far as the process their right its far to close to the KGBs disitiance medical studies police program of the old party of Russia or the chineese secrite police special investagative intaragation and interment tecnique me thinks for freedom sake we need to watch and say something about it espicialy the political aspict
thanks u guys Im out with a new phyic a new dieignosis new meds Im in rehab and Im ok my new phyic is aware of my studies in theretical phyics and my spelling block and dixlexia now so are u
as for the closeness in practice to the KGBs and Chiness Secrite police intaragative interment programs this could well be I met other disidents but where the line is to be drawn is the dificulty
some are crazy some arnt we must for freedoms sake watch those that can arbatraly take freedoms by any means
the phyic tec that intermed me had no right my doctors know that
when freedom is easly taken rights are no more rights and we are not free suck has often been a tool of the politicaly powerfull and rich
to quell the disidents in the masses
Jefferson said the price of freedom is eternal viglince
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