Wednesday, December 31, 2008


At Ray's : Sales Volume Drops ; Unit Prices Shoot up to Produce Necessary Profits ...

Because of the recent decrease in the volume of sales at Ray's candy Store , the prices of most of Ray's products were raised tonight in order to produce sufficient profit to continue operation of the candy store . Tonight most of the prices of Ray's products were back at their pre-Obama brand craze levels . The magic of the Obama name produced an increase in sales volume for a while allowing the lowering of unit prices for Ray's uniquely branded product line . But recently the Obama brand seems to have lost most of it's mojo with sales volume decreasing precipitously the last 3 weeks .
Tonight one could see not only that prices were back up to pre-election levels but also that most of the Obama brand advertising art and product naming was gone from Ray's candy store .

Here's a Toast to Ray and Bob A and all the EV folks--
Happy New Year!!
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