Saturday, April 12, 2008


Neighborhood Scenery ...

A sunny day in Tompkins Square Park

The new game in today's TSP : Soccer on the lawn .
It could be worse ; they could be playing "hacky-sack" as in Union Square Park .

"Cochise " ( not of the Chiricahua ) is back from a vacation courtesy of the State of New York ; "Steel Reserve" and cigarette in hand , in TSP

"Red" reads a book about that other red guy at the chess tables in TSP

Crack is back : A crack stem next to a sleeping man in TSP .
WE have heard recently that both heroin and crack are making a bit of a come-back together . Some of what we see in the street seems to support that conclusion . Smoked crack and injected heroin , it is claimed by some ,work together more favorably than interveinously injecting heroin and cocaine together as in the old days , i.e. ,the "speed-ball" . The crack is smoked for a brief high and does not permanently suppress the heroin high can always when desired smoke some more crack later .

In Tompkins Square Park and along avenue A , "Leeds" , the vodka of choice . Available in unlimited quantities at the corner of avenue A and 4th street .

Partying on Avenue A.

Partying on avenue A.

Friday night traffic on avenue A .

ABOVE and BELOW : April showers

Friday, April 11, 2008


The Venerable Phone Booth at 7th and Avenue A : In the Day of the Cell-Phone , Still in Use... at Least as a Pissoir


Mosaic Man : He's Back on Avenue A Between 9th and 10th Streets , Working in a Store Window


April Love : Amy and Jewels

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Biker Bill Says : "Do Things Right and Folks Remember Nothin' , Make a Mistake and Folks Remember Everything "


Who Says That You Can't Have a Good Time Today for $20 in the East Village ...

At Continental on 3rd Avenue at St. Marks Place a $10 round of 5 shots should do most folks just fine but if not ... $10 more and another round of 5 shots should thoroughly stew anything that walks on 2 legs .


Some of the Guys on Avenue A Tuesday Night

Monday, April 07, 2008


Automobile and Bicycle Collide on Avenue A Betwwen St. Marks Place and 9th Street Saturday Night ...

ABOVE and BELOW : Injured bicycle riding Caracas restaurant deliveryman is attended to by FDNY personnel and ambulance crew on avenue A between St. Marks Place and 9th street . .

ABOVE :Fellow Caracas restaurant worker retreives bicycle and undelivered food .
BELOW :Gray auto was leaving the bus stop entering an active traffic lane as the bicycle traveling in that traffic lane collided with it .

Around 10:pm Saturday night a bicycle deliveryman transporting food for Caracas restaurant on 6th street collided with a gray auto that pulled out into the bicylist's traffic lane .
The nature and extent of the bicyclist's injuries is not known though he was seen wearing a neck brace and restrained lying on a board as he was placed in an ambulance .
Police were at the scene to investigate . The driver of the auto was allowed to leave in his auto .


Man Bites Man on Avenue B : A Finger is Bitten at Le Souk ? ...

Late Saturday night at closing time we picked up on a very unusual signal at zone 2 radio on our multi-band scanning receiver :"'s ear was bitten by another man ...on avenue B between 3rd and 4th streets " .
The location being but a half block from where we were , we headed with haste towards the scene of this unusual Tyson-esque crime . As we listened further the call was changed from an ear to a finger that was bitten ....none-the-less we continued on .
As we rounded the corner in a hurry with a thumbs-up from the pizza guy we could see that the location of interest was the popular night-spot Le Souk at 47 avenue B ...the Le Souk that is not so popular with its avenue B neighbors . We arrived along with an RMP with red flashing lights but no siren .
Confronted with a beefy wall of security that was obscurring the suspected crime scene we were unable to photograph much of anything . Necessity being what it is and the evening having been mostly uneventful and picture-less we went for it . We made some fakes and some evasive lateral moves but to no end .It seemed for a while that we would not get even one shot . A considerable effort was made by security to prevent us from getting a picture but we perservered and after numerous attempts we finally got a couple of quick shots that revealed what seemed to be a man favoring his hand in a way so as to indicate that his finger was injured .
So perhaps the call was for real and a man was actually bitten . It certainly looks that way . We do not know how things evolved ; whether someone was arrested or whether someone went to hospital because we didn't stay long ...we really were not at all welcome .

Sunday, April 06, 2008


The Social Season Begins in Tompkins Square Park ...

Moms , dads , kids , babies , strollers and a pocket communicator .

The small dog-run with small dogs and their humans .

Observers at the small dog-run fence

ABOVE :Free speech on a milk crate. In TSP today not the event that it once was .
BELOW: Jewels ( center)with friends in TSP . Jewels is back in the park , off the sauce for two weeks now and we hope on his way to a productive summer .
The guy on the left has been "Beer-Elved" ; that is he drank too much beer and passed out inspiring some of the mischievous TSP beer elves to grab their felt-tip markers and give him one of their distinctive and relatively indelible facial treatments .
Until we mentioned the markings on his face the young man had not been aware that he had been "elved"... logical of course since he had been unconscious when the TSP elves worked their special magic . He was immediately concerned that they might have scribed phalluses on his face . We didn't have the heart to tell him about both his cheeks .

It's spring and the social season has begun in Tompkins Square Park . The "Crusties" are back to work their inimitable sort of daily magic in the park with beer and drugs . They are back to more-or-less live the summer in TSP . The more genteel elements of the neighborhood -- among their other quite civilized activities -- attend the dog-run , push babies in strollers and talk on cell-phones .
Lately it seems that the dog-run scene has become an attraction in itself . Many now gather on a sunny afternoon at the fence of the small dog-run to watch the small dog's antics ( notably above , ass-sniffing ) while their owners tend to their diminutive canines and socialize among themselves .
Some of the more traditional TSP activities such as freely speaking while standing on a milk-crate can still be seen but are not as big a production as in the past . There will be but 2 or 3 concerts of the traditional TSP sort this summer , probably without riots .
The remaining question yet to be answered though is : will the hand-full of hookers from last summer return to TSP to service the elderly gentlemen that gathered discreetly many an afternoon near the western most side of the dog-run ?

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