Monday, April 07, 2008


Man Bites Man on Avenue B : A Finger is Bitten at Le Souk ? ...

Late Saturday night at closing time we picked up on a very unusual signal at zone 2 radio on our multi-band scanning receiver :"'s ear was bitten by another man ...on avenue B between 3rd and 4th streets " .
The location being but a half block from where we were , we headed with haste towards the scene of this unusual Tyson-esque crime . As we listened further the call was changed from an ear to a finger that was bitten ....none-the-less we continued on .
As we rounded the corner in a hurry with a thumbs-up from the pizza guy we could see that the location of interest was the popular night-spot Le Souk at 47 avenue B ...the Le Souk that is not so popular with its avenue B neighbors . We arrived along with an RMP with red flashing lights but no siren .
Confronted with a beefy wall of security that was obscurring the suspected crime scene we were unable to photograph much of anything . Necessity being what it is and the evening having been mostly uneventful and picture-less we went for it . We made some fakes and some evasive lateral moves but to no end .It seemed for a while that we would not get even one shot . A considerable effort was made by security to prevent us from getting a picture but we perservered and after numerous attempts we finally got a couple of quick shots that revealed what seemed to be a man favoring his hand in a way so as to indicate that his finger was injured .
So perhaps the call was for real and a man was actually bitten . It certainly looks that way . We do not know how things evolved ; whether someone was arrested or whether someone went to hospital because we didn't stay long ...we really were not at all welcome .

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