Sunday, April 06, 2008


The Social Season Begins in Tompkins Square Park ...

Moms , dads , kids , babies , strollers and a pocket communicator .

The small dog-run with small dogs and their humans .

Observers at the small dog-run fence

ABOVE :Free speech on a milk crate. In TSP today not the event that it once was .
BELOW: Jewels ( center)with friends in TSP . Jewels is back in the park , off the sauce for two weeks now and we hope on his way to a productive summer .
The guy on the left has been "Beer-Elved" ; that is he drank too much beer and passed out inspiring some of the mischievous TSP beer elves to grab their felt-tip markers and give him one of their distinctive and relatively indelible facial treatments .
Until we mentioned the markings on his face the young man had not been aware that he had been "elved"... logical of course since he had been unconscious when the TSP elves worked their special magic . He was immediately concerned that they might have scribed phalluses on his face . We didn't have the heart to tell him about both his cheeks .

It's spring and the social season has begun in Tompkins Square Park . The "Crusties" are back to work their inimitable sort of daily magic in the park with beer and drugs . They are back to more-or-less live the summer in TSP . The more genteel elements of the neighborhood -- among their other quite civilized activities -- attend the dog-run , push babies in strollers and talk on cell-phones .
Lately it seems that the dog-run scene has become an attraction in itself . Many now gather on a sunny afternoon at the fence of the small dog-run to watch the small dog's antics ( notably above , ass-sniffing ) while their owners tend to their diminutive canines and socialize among themselves .
Some of the more traditional TSP activities such as freely speaking while standing on a milk-crate can still be seen but are not as big a production as in the past . There will be but 2 or 3 concerts of the traditional TSP sort this summer , probably without riots .
The remaining question yet to be answered though is : will the hand-full of hookers from last summer return to TSP to service the elderly gentlemen that gathered discreetly many an afternoon near the western most side of the dog-run ?

The police should arrest those lonely pathetic old men and I say pathetic because they harass women who are not sex workers. Ugh! I feel sorry for the women.
The laws like everything else are harder on women while pimps and patrons walk away unscathed.

They should legalize the sex for money so it can be taken out of the parks and in designated areas and offer sex workers any and all options to get out of the business. It would also protect them from abusive exploitive violent men aka pimps. Even the word pimp has become glamourous when in fact pimp represents violent abusive men that should serve time in jail and get some jail justice --be treated in jail the way they get away with treating women out in the world.
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