Thursday, December 11, 2008


The Obama Brand at Ray's Candy Store ....

Today as in the political world the Obama brand is popular fare at Ray's Candy Store . Obama branded product is coming out of the fryer , extruding from the ice cream freezer , coming off the shelf and off the hook like no product before with the most recent offering in the Obama product line , the George Foreman grilled Obama cheeseburger , being a stunning first day success .
Today at Ray's you can purchase inexpensive , depression priced Obama cones , Obama fries , Obama coffee , Obama socks and of course the most recent addition to the line , the delicious 2 dollar Obama cheeseburger .
Customers come by , see the Obama branded items and swooning , cooing and giggling eagerly gush "I want an Obama ______ ." It all works for Ray . He is making more money ; not enough additional profit is produced to save his candy store but more money passes over the counter than before Obama , thanks to the Obama brand .
13 December 2008 : P.S. The price of the Obama cheeseburger has been raised to $2.50 . Marketing the Obama cheeseburger at the $2.00 price point produced so little profit that it was not worth including it in Ray's Obama branded product line .

Obama wine, reasonably priced and in a box, is hopefully coming soon.
Too much rain deterred me from checking into the new product last night-
i was thinking today that it's probably not the greatest thing to attach obama's name to fatty foods.
Amazing what the power of a name can do.
I saw Jewels's OBAMA penis on Avenue A tonite.
... And what was the price point for this item ?
sounds justified at $2..50--
$2.50 is a fair price....
Unfortunately, we also saw Jewel's tobacco-stained ass as he was flashing at 7th + A. It was as if he had sat on a chocolate pie....
Ah , yes we were there this afternoon . More on it all later .
I was lucky enough to see it twice in 24 hours.
Jools eats too many Obama burgers
Show us some photos of Jewel's shit-encrusted ass and his genetal warts. I want to get sick.
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