Sunday, September 04, 2011


Thursday Afternoon on Crusty Row

Last Thursday Crusty Row burgeoned for an afternoon to something of its old colorful self .Some of the old regulars  by chance gathered ,drank somes beers and cheap vodka,smoked and danced again on the old Row.L.E.S. Jewels ,sober with the help an occasional pill, admirably played the master of ceremonies.

Jewels, has been sober due to modern medicine, a logical approach to his problem, and also he is showing character, something he used to lack, but does not anymore. He is wide eyed, cheery, and I hope he is able to help other people in the area and on Ave A to gain some character and for once solve teh homeless problems, instead of add to the problems. The area is slowly changing, for the good, one person at a time. Sobriety can spread too.
So what happened to all the crust punks?

Did they go home now that summer has ended?
Bob Arihood passed away
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