Saturday, September 03, 2011


Saturday Afternoon There Were 2 Lines of People Waiting Near the Corner of 7th St. and Avenue A : One Line for Food the Other Line for Ice Cream

Saturday afternoon 2 lines formed in the EV .One line on Avenue A led folks to a free meal from the Rev. Diane's charitable ministry.Hungry folks got some help surviving in the form of free food .
Another line around the corner , every bit as long as Diane's line and longer lasting , led to a well advertised bourgeois extravaganza at  an ice cream shop.

Thanks to Peter for pointing me to this East Village scene. 

Hope one of those lines was for Ray's....
No such luck Lindsay. One line was Rev. Diane's food line on avenue A .The other, the more bourgeois of the 2 was the unending queue for Big Gay Ice Cream on 7th street.
Looks like Columbus Avenue. Like a Woody Allen movie set. Is this really our neighborhood? Soon Manhattan will have only one vast homogeneous plain of these Bloomers waving in the breeze, fed by copious heaps of rich fertilizer.
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