Friday, September 09, 2011


Rats Eat Squirrel in Tompkins Square Park

Gorey whiskered muzzles nosed deep , tasted blood and chewed . Bloodied teeth ripped flesh and bloodied rat hands tugged at guts picking apart the corpse. Several rats , at times sharing ,at times fighting , consumed a squirrel under a Linden tree in Tompkins Square Park .The squirrel's demise? Who knows . Perhaps the rats mobbed the squirrel when it attempted to climb their tree.

Wow. That is nasty.
Yeah Adam, was a troubling scene watching those with hairless tails eat one of the bushy-tailed ones
An all you can eat squirrel buffet!
Is this what the foodies mean by "from farm to table"?
Yeah Marty and the one squirrel fed half a dozen rats.

Well, not quite Grieve . Its more like eaten' it on-the-hoof while its still warm ...really fresh you know!
Needs more PBR.
How wererats and zombie squirrels are made... Spooky.
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