Saturday, September 17, 2011


NYPD Patrols Tompkins Square Park Friday Night...

Friday night NYPD made its presence known in Tompkins Square Park . 8 or more scooters from the 1st precinct  were stationed at the corner of Avenue A and Saint Marks Place . Several other police vehicles were also present on Avenue A , 10th street and in TSP . Patrols were conducted through out TSP by car , scooter and on foot .

Police personnel mentioned that bicycle group Criticalmass was the focus of the patrols . We suspect though that police had word that members of criticalmass would be in TSP to support the General Assembly group in their attempt to take over Wall Street Saturday . Several bicyclists were seen under the Hare Krishna tree and this group was under surveilance by NYPD for 2 hours .Police units left the area around 10PM.  

Sounds like they the city is worried, but also lacks good intelligence, otherwise they'd know nothing is happening. Unless maybe they have good intelligence, but they don't trust their intelligence, in which case, they're really really worried. Or the General Assembly is giving them false intelligence. Or the city is trying to provoke local uprising. Or the police are trying to give the impression that they don't have good intelligence. Or that the General Assembly wants the police to look like the police don't have good intelligence.

Or they just came by to watch the rats that everyone is talking about.
Something like that Rob
What is this monstrosity?

if it makes them all feel better, why don't they just shut down the park...

damn imbeciles
As usual, too much too late!
mebbe the increased patrol is due to the rape thing recently on 8th and B/C.
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