Friday, September 16, 2011



you're gettin sentimental, bob.

on the topic of animals -- i worry about all the attention on rats. the parents in the playground have organized to get the parks dept to rid the rats. eventually they're going to object to the soup kitchens -- leftovers end up in the rat maws -- and then it's going to be a struggle between parents and the old-timers who hang at the old slavic corner. who do you think will win that one with the overlords?

it might be good for the missions to clean up a bit better, since too many rats will dig up roots of shrubs and even trees, though i have no particular gripe with rats as long as they're in a park and don't come home. i don't bother them, and they don't me. it's parents that scare me.
sorry about the image quality Rob .if things were a little more clear it would be even more sentimental ....alas a bad upload problem lately and necessary file size reduction.

Relax ,all is transitory. the rats, and the parents too , are but signs ..the rapture is nigh!
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