Friday, August 05, 2011


Thursday Sweep and Man with Large Knife in Tompkins Square Park

Thursday evening shortly after 7PM 5 police vehicles including one un-marked vehicle entered Tompkins Square Park . With red lights flashing the vehicles rolled slowly through the more infamous sections of T.S.P. , that is Crusty Row and the chess tables . A man was reported to be on the loose  somewhere near the chess tables with a large orange handled knife .

While 9th precinct personnel at the chess tables were looking for the man with the knife  another NYPD narcotics unit was conducting a traditional Thursday night TSP sweep .Members of this unit very dramatically collared a drug sales suspect  just outside the park on the Avenue A side walk .

The man with the knife was not found .

car 54 where are you? all cars people sitting in chess area not playing chess code three .....
wow hipster DT in the first two could easily blend in. love that takedown maneuver... always put your legs parallel to theirs.
too bad you didn't get a flick of the hipster D's face bob, certainly one to look out for around there.
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