Wednesday, August 03, 2011


Street Photography on 7th Street

It's always been a bar on that site, 7th St & Ave A. In the 1950s my old man was always drinking there, with my mother always trying to get him out. I wrote about in my Lambda Award winner novel Holy Communion

Those were the days...
were they able to shoot the pee phone and do a round of the park, crusty row and the chess tables
I didn't see them in the park on the row but they may have captured for the smart phone horde the infamous pee phone .

Mykola you are right about the bar on the corner ..and I've drank many a night in all of them.
Is this for the new phonebooks?
who knows Grieve , its clear though that someones got the eye on you !
Bob I guess we'll be seeing you via Google on the corner of A and 6th. I wanna be captured on a street view too!
Damn ! I hope so ...but it was A and 7th
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Google Earth caught me on Clinton Street about a month ago--I have yet to see me.
Well, get to your computer Melanie and find yourself !
Not there as yet.
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