Sunday, August 28, 2011


Stand-Off on a Tree Trunk in Tompkins Square Park

Sunday the rats were brazenly everywhere ,freely walking ,eating and playing in daylight in the company of all the different members , including humans, of the Tompkins Square Park family . Appearing to be more sure of themselves lately they have been seen exploring the daytime world of the TSP lawns and climbing trees. The Tompkins Sqaure Park rats have been quite successful ,they have eaten well and multiplied. This is what rats strive for and such success drives them to find new places to eat well and multiply . 

Now the challenge of finding new domains to master and populate is shaping a new more adventurous young rat that will confront humans in daylight and even challenge squirrels in their trees. Ever adaptable , in TSP the younger rats have surrendered some of their wildness to be able to more effectively exploit the bounty of Tompkins Square Park .   

now that's a great picture
1. The rats live under s stump. It tok me 5 minutes to nitice this. Why can't Parks dig out ther nest?
2. Did Lord Bloomberg really have to close our parks over the weekend, or was it just the parks like Tompkins?
What a great shot, like your rat synopsis too, Bob!
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