Thursday, August 18, 2011


Carl and Drunkenstein in Tompkins Square Park

I saw Carl this morning on 1st Ave btw 1 & 2nd.
He was shoeless and being lead into an ambulance by two latex handed EMT. There were cops around too.
At least I think it was him. Looked like the same man.
Drunkenstein looking uglier than ever....
These fine fellows are picked up often by the EMT's, shown the ULTIMATE in respect, given FIRST CLASS medical treatment, of course!, probably at a cost of several thousand dollars per trip. I pay for this with my taxes, of course. God Bless The Democratic Party!
Lemmetellyasumthin about Mr. Drunkenstein. Obnoxious! Yes!Rude? Yes! Actually scary to yuppies when he struts down the side walk drunk out of his mind and raving "which is funny" Yes! But I recall a day in the park a few years ago, talking to him about my not having a place to stay at the time, and he invited me home! I didn't go, but I'll never forget how this seemingly loser of a person offered to help me. He was kind of sober at the time.
Friggin alchohol................
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