Wednesday, August 24, 2011


3 Weeks Sober , L.E.S. Jewels Does the Puzzle

I'm glad he's doing better. Keep it up!
Wow!!! Really hope he stays on this path of sobriety. That's great!
What's a five letter word for an able-bodied 42 year old male who milks the system to live FREE at the expense of others rather than do an honest day of work?

Hint: the word begins with an "L."
Jules--good work. Glad you are well and writing poetry.
great to see Les jewels aka joel p on the up and up will he have a book deal can't wait to see him at yippie cafe with his words Go jewels
Liver?, that's pretty much shot by now..... but there but by the grace of God and common sense go's a whole lot of us I suppose.....
To answer Chris's clue above, obviously the answer must be LUCKY!
does anyone know why jewels was being filmed yesterday by 6 th street some big time camera's for the shoot
You could say he's LUCKY, but I had another word in mind....
Kind of love what a nerd Joel is when he is sober. Maybe that's why he drinks, because he doesn't want to be normal. But, dude, there's nothing wrong with being normal and healthy. Embrace it!
If I can try again on Chris's clue, the word must LOVED!!
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