Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Vigil for Mars Bar

A candle lit end to an era .It rained at times while some inside the bar ripped the guts and soul out of Mars Bar removing the bar , brass rail and portions of the walls.  Outside on the sidewalk folks held candles , drank beer and smoked acknowledging the end .

Great shots and commentary as always, Bob. I didn't go to the vigil, being there on the last day was enough for me. I met so many cool and original people in that place. You're one of them, Bob. To the Mars Bar!
Marty it wasn't the best of anything that night. I went to a little place around the corner and drank with some friends .
I am old timey enough (moved to LES in 1977 and out in 2002) to predate the Mars Bar but remember when it opened. Things were rougher then but so much more alive. Maybe just because I was young?

Seriously mis the old LES and the old Time Square. Miss the days when one could wander the meatpacking district and not see another soul.
Nice photos, Bob. Sigh...
sure the row has lot's of room for a few more with there 40's
"sigh" ,yes Goggla
Anon 11:46 it really was more fun , more interesting too . I was here , I remember .
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