Wednesday, July 27, 2011


T.S.P. Ratstravaganza Continues....

The Parks Dept. is today taking some flack for the rat population in Tompkins Square Park .From what we've seen over the last 4 or 5 years that population hasn't changed all that much . When we first posted on rats 4 years ago the level of rat activity was about the same as it was this last Saturday night when we pictured some of the T.S.P. rat population.Rats have as far back as we can remember wandered into the children's playground .The holes are just as common but in different areas . Perhaps some of the criticism  of the Parks Dept . is misdirected and unfair .

In recent years poison application  has been curtailed because of the possibilityty of harming a varying Red Tail hawk population .Poisons work unreliably , rats figure out whats safe to eat and poisons of any kind are not always eaten though the slop left behind by humans is always eaten .The larger portion of the TSP rat population is nearest to where there is the most such slop .

Parks personnel have for some time  been filling in rat holes , digging up rat nests and killing rats in the areas where the food supply is greatest .Ground cover which  obscures rat holes has also  been removed throughout the park.

Rats need food and there is plenty of it in TSP. The more food the larger the rat population .The problem in TSP is that humans leave behind large quantities of uneaten food . The charitable organizations that admirably feed many a hungry soul contribute to the problem when those that they feed leave uneaten food strewn about the park .Pigeon ladies strew bread and other foods about the park lawn .This pigeon food is eaten by rats too .

We all need to be more careful about placing uneaten food in the trash containers .The charitable organizations should be required to clean up after those they feed .The Parks Dept. needs a garbage detail  that empties trash containers and cleans up food spills much later in the day rather than as they do  now  in the early afternoon .The larger portion of the uneaten and discarded food supply is produced in the late afternoon to early evening .Reduce the available food supply and we will also reduce the rat population .

I agree. The parks department isn't really to blame. These rats are eating human trash that is just everywhere. I kind of like the rats and would two to keep as pets.
Yes. Good points, Bob. Agreed.

Also, I ordered lo-mein for dinner a few hours ago and it hasn't arrived. Did you see the delivery guy out there anywhere?
Again Grieve try some of that free range anti-biotic free Tompkins square Park pigeon .Usually 2 per person is sufficient .the squirel is good too .

The lo-mein guy was mugged for his cell phone .They took his bicycle too .The lo-mein ,spilled in TSP , is feeding half a dozen TSP rats right now .Relax and enjoy , you are part of history.
@EVGrieve That pretty little blonde at the front of the frame of the Channel 7 interview shot is BAYOU! He is trying single-pawedly, but with speed, agility, great joy and many teeth to eradicate the problem.
The Hare Krishnas clean up very well.
The rats in TSP are living the life...reminds me of this:
Reporter to bystander: "How does it feel to have your neighborhood overrun by so many rats?"

Bystander: "This was a nicer neighborhood before the yuppie infestation."
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