Saturday, July 30, 2011


The Old Confronts the New at 7th Street and Avenue A

I see dirtbags like this all the time in the EV, they make want to vomit!Why cant the police start shakeing them down more. Its a quality of life issue.I mean just look at him with his blue rolled up shirt and hipster glasses.
What is happening here??
good to c some real life on ave. a the rat's have been all over the news these days
@Anonymous 9:57 AM: Ha ha ha! Good one! And I agree!
Ha! Ha! Cochise is leading the witching against the Hipsters!!!!
MORE of this, PLEASE!!

Like I said, as with any eco-system, we need beneficial bacteria to keep the Yuppies at bay....
Who's who Lindsay? Which is which? Looks overwhelmingly one sided to me .
Anon 12:58 , rats have their place , their time must be sfforded them .There is a season....
Go get 'em, Chief.
There may be more against him but I think he may have more brainpower than everyone else there combined! Haha! The others would get distracted and eventually start texting their friends... I think he could take them on haha
He did hold off the most of them Lindsay ...then they all walked away and Cochise went back to drinkin' his beers
I hate to see this kind of pointless bullshit strife but nice shot Bob. Right in the thick of things as usual.
Ha, great shot! This sums up the current state of things perfectly.
Yes it does Goggla, shows one of the least able to stand ,alone raging against that which will take his place .
You're a bunch of looneys suggesting a crazy homeless man is in the right to harass anyone.
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