Sunday, July 03, 2011


Johnny Bizzare at Mars Bar Saturday Night

We grabbed one blurred shot of Johnny as we walked in the door of Mars Bar Saturday night .Johnny had just started his performance and had a hammer and nails in one hand and a nail hammered up his nose .A crowd quickly surrounded Johnny so we could get no more pictures of him performing  . Later though , for a brief few seconds , the crowd parted affording a view of a grimacing woman in blue using 2 fingers to pull a nail out of Johnny's penis ... and then quickly toss it to the counter beneath the green cold-cathode light .

A while later we asked Johnny about his arrest the day before in Tompkins Square Park . Johnny said that he had spent 30 hours in the system and  after his release came to Mars Bar . He said that he had been charged with public urination . Johnny said that he knew that it was wrong to do what he did , he should not have pissed on that tree in Tompkins Square Park Friday afternoon.

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