Monday, July 18, 2011


He Wears His Sunglasses at Night...

....but the night before he was buck-naked passed out on a sidewalk , he thinks it was avenue A but he's not sure . He woke dressed but missing his I.D. and his underwear. Jewels conjectures that it was cops that dressed him disregarding his underwear which they likely did not want to touch .He has no theory concerning the disappearance of his I.D.

He spent a long miserable dry day downtown getting an I.D. and a SNAP card for electronic  food stamps. There was some good fortune this day though , an acquaintance gave him a bag of dope and later in the day a bottle of vodka , which he needed because he hadn't had a drink all that day and was tremblin' a bit .

Jewels said that the shakes weren't as bad as they have been , he's been taperin' down his consumption .His doctor told him that he needs but a shot an hour to stay straight ... it keeps a little buzz on too . He's been thirsty though because he's been drinkin' vodka only , not beer . He's been drinkin' more water lately to help diminish this thirst but he hasn't accommodated successfully , the  clear tasteless liquid still occasionally makes him puke .

Not all has been good with his love life either .He's been told by cops to keep his hands off  the new (variously claimed  17 to 19 years of age ) admirer that he was recently seen canoodlin' with in Tompkins Square Park . Jewels claims that in the future he thus will devote his attentions to women closer to his own age , 42 .

P.S. 12 PM Monday , 18 July  2011:

Monday morning Jewels woke a little sick and as usual confused wondering what had happened the night before . This Monday morning there was blood on Jewels' hands and he had no idea why it was there .His associate from the night before woke not far away  with blood on his hands too .Neither of them had a clue as to what had happened .

Later a tearful Jewels and his pal spied Timmy with a bloody shirt . Jewels and his pal had pounded on Timmy for some reason the night before .Timmy didn't remember why the two had beaten him but he did remember the beatin' and with Giovanni at his side confronted Jewels . It looked for a while like Giovanni and Timmy were going to hand Jewels his ass but Timmy and Jewels sort of made up since it took both of them to make the price of  half pint at the liquor store at the corner of 4th street and avenue A

This guy is a medical miracle. How is he still alive? He has out- Keithed Keith Richards.
Jewels is a living piece of shit.
The living dead....
I really like the narrative you wrote with these photos, Bob. It's not judgmental one way or the other, just tells the story of a troubled life. Great work!
I appreciate your understanding Marty . We do have to look at the world as it is .
Despite everything I've posted about Jewels, there is something to be said about "beneficial bacteria" that regulates and maintains the digestive tract.

It seems that no matter how distasteful he is to most folks, people like Jewels have a repulsive effect on the yuppie scum in our neighborhood.

As with any eco-system, there needs to be a balance of "undesirables" to help keep the numbers of monied transients, Euro-trash, frat rats, hipsters, etc, in check.

The more frightened and unwelcome they are, the more likely they will get the fuck out of here, keeping our neighborhood affordable.

What a price to pay!!
Kind of like a semi living scare crow.

He needs to find Dorothy

Ask her about the yellow brick road

When he gets to the end of the road, he needs to see a guy

And ask him for a brain.........
Very good Steve
When I first read that Jewels was unresponsive my heart sank. I thought he was dead and felt bad. That was my reaction. He has never been mean to me.
Chris Flash- You are quite correct in your comment regarding the need for a balance. The Mars bar be forced to close is helping that balance tip in the wrong direction. This city is dying one privately owned business and one "character" at a time. The Mars bar is not my kind of place but I realize it is part of the neighborhood and has a right to exist. With each passing day this city is closer to be being no different than "Cul-De-Sac County Pennsyltucky".
Back in 1990, when I was 18, I met Jewels and Bobby Ebbs at the Court Tavern in NJ. After drinking for a while, Bobby Ebbs got angry with me for wanting to leave, and tried to push me in front of a car. Jewels jumped out and grabbed me, preventing the car from hitting me. I learned my lesson about hanging out with drunks/drug addicts, but I also think deep down there's a nice guy in there. It's a shame. Nice story.
Yes Misa it is a shame .
Joel is on food stamps. I should have known that. Man, there have been times when I've been out of work and could have used them but working people having tough times aren't eligible. But people like Joel get them. Unbelievable. The older I get the more I see crusties are the same as yuppies! They just take and take.
Yes , he receives the electronic version of food stamps . He doesn't use them for food though . Like many in the street Jewels has a way of converting those stamps to a discounted sum in the form of cash .In short your tax dollars are paying for his booze .
Jewels is alright with me. I don't get the thrust of this blog's continual recounting of his misadventures. Fuck it. Let Jewels be Jewels. Leave him be.
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