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Crustys Walk in T.S.P. Wednesday Afternoon

Wednesday afternoon plain clothes officers from the 9th precinct searched the persons and  possessions of 5 Crustys seated on a bench in Tompkins Square Park .We do not know the reason for the searches .None of the Crustys were taken into custody . The group of 5 was apparently told to leave the park .

We were recently informed by police sources that at least 5 Crustys have been arrested on assault charges so far this season.

Its a Shame. Some Crusty's are nice and polite, even though they smell bad. A few have been violent lately, attacking people for not giving them money. THose are the reason why the cops have stepped it up on them. Its justified because violence is unnacceptable.
are they going to call DAD and go look for a co-op with a dog run
Take a picture in the front 'yard' of 526 East 5th Street very early some morning, these beauties are sleeping there by the dozens these days. Also crapping there, pissing there, leaving cans of cheap beer there, etc. I don't mind that you want to die, kids, just don't do it on my block.
it was definitely "better" when the crustys had a place to congregate. now, as previously posted, they're sleeping haphazardly on the sidewalks and generally making a mess wherever they choose to hunker down for the night. walking my dogs by them most mornings is an unpleasant - especially the ones with dogs (which is even more unjust, as their dogs aren't choosing homelessness or a life on the streets). all i ask is they don't harass me, ask for money and get riled up if i don't respond. i've been in the neighborhood for 19 years, and this issue is a newer one.
last time i checked, it was illegal to:

-stop and frisk people without cause
-force parkgoers to vacate a park for no reason

if you people refuse to hold the police accountable to behave legally, there will be no one left to get your back when it happens to you. do you realize that?
Ok, Im sooooo tired of people complaining and not doing anything. You dont want em on your block??? Throw water on them!! SSpray them with something! Fuck with them while they are sleeping! Call the cops! Get the Hose!! Stop crying on the computer, and do something! I for one would kick em in the face, then call ASPCA about their dogs that they feed with garbage and pizza

What's cause? How about being suspicious in a park and previously being arrested for assault?
How about loitering? That's against the law. Along with disorderly behavior.

Here's the parks codes to look at: ยง1-04 Prohibited Uses

Another idiot who thinks they have a grasp of the law. Where'd you go to law school, phoenix university?

Good luck in your endeavors.
Right on Glamma: Crusties are an easy unsympathetic target, leaving crusties vulnerable to attacks by thugs who know that cops don't give a shit what happens to them.

Folks SHOULD be angered over crusties being pushed around, because allowing cops to pick and choose IS a double-edged sword that can be used on US whenever cops feel like using it....
@anon 1:40pm is clearly a crusty that is using an internet cafe
Glad you groovy lefties dig the crusties. East 5th Street between Avenues A and B, where I have lived for 28 years, now has large piles of fresh human shit, stinking to high hell in the hot sun, between the cars every morning, within 100 feet of the new camp-out spot of these lovely individualists. Was not there before coincidence I guess. I am not mentioning the syringes, caps, urine, and beer cans they leave in front of 526, since I can pretty well ignore those. Not so with the steaming piles of shit.
...all i ask is they don't harass me, ask for money and get riled up if i don't respond...

Yup. I do not want the NYPD to harass people. I don't mind if people want to, um, forget to shower, eat out of trash cans, own gnarly dogs and tattoos, and generally turn away from square life.

However, I draw the line at making the neighborhood unsafe for other people. I don't put up with violence or harassment at home, work, _or_ the street. It doesn't matter much to me who is threatening me, I don't really care if they are drunk, crazy, angry, or whatever, but I am not interested in putting up with violence or threats. Period.

I am well aware that not all crusties are violent, crazy, or addicted. However, over the years, unfortunately, if I had to name one group of people in the neighborhood who I watch out for, cross the street to get away from, and have been threatened by and had to call the cops on because they were doing violent shit--it's the crusties.

I can put up with a lot of, um, non-standard behavior but I'm kinda selfish about not wanting to get hurt or see others get hurt. I've given up cutting the crusties slack about this. If they have a loud argument in front of my house, I call the cops. If they break into a boarded up place, I call the cops. If they are camped out on my stoop and harassing the neighbors I call the cops. Sorry, crusties but I've had it.
These crusties need to call their parents, apologize, and get the fuck off my block. My wife should not have to walk home and see them shitting between cars. East 5th is overrun with these whiners. And I certainly don't owe them a fucking dollar.
I know you are crusty lovers, because it gives this neighborhood that so called "edge" that you love, because you are both probably Avenue A socialites, BUt most of the residents like my parents who have lived in the VIlalge for years are sick of these bums, and we complain to the cops and the parks dept, who then take the proper action, such as arresting and frisking these transients. Most of them didnt grow up here, they come here from all over the country and defecate on our doorsteps. GLamma.. Why dont you clean up after them, or Shut the F up already. You and Goggla and Chris Flash, clean up after this nuissance, Public Problem that they are. MOst of the neighborhood doesnt want them around, your small voice of disagreement goes nowhere. Your entitled to your opinion, but in the long run, it stinks just like the crusties. Welcome to the new east village, where the garbage needs to be removed, and the cops are doing it, even though I think sanitation should be called in to deal with them.

And Hey, neighbors of my mom, who lives in Village View, if you see these crusties aggressively trying to get your money or crapping on your doorstep, get a hose, FIGHT BACK. This place should no longer be freindly to them. THanks to the NYPD, they are helping, but these bums are right back out on the street a day later after getting arrested. WE need to write letters to the Judges at court to start enforcing these laws that they break(like violating park rules, pissing in public, sex in public, drugs,animal abuse, crapping on my doorsteps). If only the 9th pct werent so useless.
Hey Jimmy MORON:

I see PLENTY of people who appear to be taking daily showers, who wear expensive clothes, who either can afford to pay exorbitant rents here or travel here from outer boroughs or nearby states to party who publicly piss, shit, vomit and clog the fucking sidewalks in their drunken (and sober) stupor. Just about EVERY night.

What the fuck makes these monied transients, Euro trash and trust fund kids better than SOME crusties, who may or may not be doing the wrong thing on our streets?

When you call for cops to stop, frisk, arrest or force folks to move on based on their appearance or lifestyle, then you are putting us on a slippery slope toward martial law.

That makes my neighborhood a fucking POLICE STATE and makes you a good NAZI, but what will you say when they come for YOU???? Who will be there for you and who will a give a damn about YOU????

By the way, I've lived in NYC ALL of my life and on the LES since 1980!!
sorry but the crusties are a menace. they don't keep a bead on those poor dogs the own, they fucking stink and they cop an attitude when you don't give them money. if i wanted to give someone money for doing absolute jack shit, i'd pay my taxes.
HEy Chris FLash:...
How can you even dare compare this to a NAZI state. If this was a NAZI state police would track your IP and beat you for speaking, then your family would get it. Here in the USA, you have a right to free speech, and you have a right to leave if you dont like it, and no one would hurt your family if you left(ie the NAZIs would kill your family).
You live in delusion and you need to be hospitalized. The NYPD checking crusties in a public park is because the crusties MAKE TROUBLE and the police are stopping problems before it happens.
Chris FLash, please leave and go to a hospital or college, you have some learning to do. Psych meds work wonders on people like you, its called paranoia
snitches like many of the commentators above me are quickly killing the les, ev, and all of NYC.

pansy ass bitches.. most of you would do well to MIND YOUR OWN FUCKING BUSINESS.

if you don't want these people pissing/shitting/sleeping on your block, go handle it yourself.

anyone who takes offense to something non violent and then calls the cops instead of dealing with it themselves is a SLIMY PUNK RAT WITH NO BACKBONE.

calling the cops because someones having an argument or trying to find a place to sleep for a night in an abandonment? YOU'VE GOTTA BE KIDDING. Get the fuck out of here!!!

Right on LES Snitch....
911 is for emergencies only. Its not an emergency if a few losers argue out loud or smell bad. When I lived in LES, I would smack the crusties right off my porch with a broom. I used to live over by 325 east 10 when this guy Joe owned the place. I gave one a good kick while he was slpeepin on my doorstep and told him If they came up on my roof to shoot-up, I wouldnt call the cops, I would get deal with you personally.

The cops are doing their job because these crusties are bringing attention to themseleves and epoople are callin 911 on them. The cops dont want to be bothered, they just want to keep their crime numbers low. Google the term Comstat, thats what all this police is about. It aint about bieng a nazi chris flash, its about politics in NY. Run by a Jewish Mayor you idiot.
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