Monday, June 20, 2011


The Saturday Night Waiting Room at 7th and Avenue A

Face bathed in flashing red light , Cochise at the entrance  of Tompkins Square Park , stood in quiet contemplation of the fire truck  across avenue A  attending to Igor . Igor was waiting for an ambulance ,FDNY was waiting with him . Igor didn't get his ambulance immediately because rather than calling 911 he pulled the FDNY lever at the corner call box .Igor got a fire truck right away , the ambulance arrived much later . Igor sat , well soused , in a chair at the corner of 7th street and avenue A waiting .

Half an hour or so earlier this same  chair had another infamous occupant , L.E.S. Jewels , whom we pictured earlier brazenly stopping traffic  on avenue A with a full pint of vodka in his hand .Seems that the vodka must have been  consumed since Jewels was later  found by an ambulance  passed out sans vodka bottle  in this same chair at the corner of 7th street and avenue A.

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