Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Local Colors

Ray said that he's known him for 30 years , he met him when he was a 16 year old neighborhood kid , but that he couldn't remember his name  . He said that he's been in and out of prison regularly over those 30 years  . Ray believed that he had just returned to the street  . Tuesday night he was a problem in his candy store .

On the street outside he was a problem too . He accosted folks , shoved them , threatened them , attempted to knock folks down and even punched a few . Perhaps he was looking to get a hand bag or a cell phone ... hit hard , grab and run.We were using a lens that was too narrow so unfortunately we missed some of the evenings action .

After a second round of confrontations in Ray's store , Ray convinced the guy to go to his front window for a free hot dog . He took the hot dog and then cockily ambled down avenue A.

this guy has attempted to punch me too. outside the dunkin donuts on 1st ave.
And of course, by NOT calling the cops on him, those who saw him or photographed him abusing people have enabled his violent behavior, and Ray actually rewarded him with free food. Brilliant. And stupid.
This guy will end up back in prison, but someone is going to have to get victimized first. Let's just hope it isn't someone you know and love.
And the colors he was wearing are the Latin Kings.
yeah mista tough guy, play that crap down in the village, up here in the Bronx he wouldnt last a new yawk minut.
Ray was afraid to call ... payback you know . Nobody else would.
I didn't mean to sound unsympathetic to Ray. I know he's between a rock and a hard place.
But this guy was harassing/abusing LOTS of people.
He knows he can pull this shit in the Village, but as the above poster said, go to the BX, or better yet, Avenue D, and see how long his game lasts.
The person who took the pictures and witnessed the actions could have call the police and been the witness at trial.
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