Friday, June 24, 2011


Dog Charmed

wonder how many 40's he will get or some wine and dine?
I still get a kick how people feel "cool" handing over cash to boozers or other fuck-ups, mostly all of whom are doing just fine on food-stamps, public-assistance, church-food, and the rest of the programs that suck dry my paycheck. These are clearly not children, honest folks down on their luck, or disabled. Seen it for 30 years down here, and 20 before that in old Coney Island. Suckers.
I believe that he and the dog collected something between $5 and $10 in the 20 minutes that they sat there .One man brought the dog some water . Most of the money was from young women .

After the 20 minutes or so on the sidewalk he went to Ray's window and bought something that we could not discern . then he and the dog walked away .
When I had a place in the East Village I always had change for street people and I'm a man not a woman.
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