Wednesday, May 25, 2011


What Dominic Had to Say Wednesday Afternoon ....

Dominic pointed to a sign in the window of "Bikes By George" this Wednesday afternoon explaining that he does not ordinarily purchase bicycles without a receipt proving that the seller actually owns the bicycle . The following commentary is a response to this:

Dominic , contrary to what he says on the tape , told us that he did give a man , we assume an actor employed by the production company that produced the tape ,  $25 for a bicycle . He claims accurately that the tape shows nothing of this transaction . Dominic told us that the holder of the bicycle told him that he had lost his job and that he needed money to feed his kids .Dominic claims that he purchased the bicycle to help the guy who seemed to have some serious financial difficulties.

There was no "stolen" bicycle sold . The bicycle when the transaction occured was in some manner legally a possession of the production company . Why isn't the actual transaction between Dominic and the holder of the bicycle , for which Dominic is being damned ,  also part of the broadcast tape ?

This is clearly a setup by NBC to get ratings. Sad when a network fucks with someone's business to try and bolster ratings.
A production company may have some legal problems because of this Marty.
He was busted by the cops about a year ago for stealing a womens bike on 5th Street between A and B. The bike was locked to a small tree. He cut the tree with a hack saw to get the bike. A security camera caught him riding away with the hack saw hanging from the handle bars. The bike was returned after he was busted.
Set up or not,about a year ago this guy was busted by the cops for stealing a bike on East 5 between A and B. The bike was chained to a small tree and he cut the tree in half with a hack saw to get the bike. A security camera showed him riding away with the womens bike with the hack saw hanging from the handle bars. He was busted and the cops returned the bike to the owner.
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But remember Barney , no crime was committed here by Dominic ...and thats what matters.
Bob,I can't disagree because I am sure they didn't air the complete video and audio which is not fair to the viewers or the people involved. George is a good guy,his son has some issues. I hope this doesen't hurt George.
From what I can tell Dominic assaulted the security guard if he wanted to press charges - so he did commit a crime.
Local or not,are these the actions of a reputable business?There are plenty of other bike shops,seems I would rather trust them a bit more after seeing his reaction in the aftermath of this sting.
Dominic is known on the block as a thief and generally bad actor. His habit of chaining stolen bicycle tires, frames, etc., by the dozens all around the block is ugly, dangerous, and takes up spaces that would otherwise be used by actual riders and their bikes. His dad is a great fellow, but so what.
I do not give this shop my business because, despite George being a fine fellow with an interesting past as a competitive rider on a foreign team, Jamaica or Barbados or whatever, I do not want to encourage Dominics presence on my street, he is a full time thief, well known.
Set up? You're kidding, right? They guy may as well have been screaming "I'm a criminal" at the top of his lungs they way he was reacting. There's so much of this kind of thing going on, I really do not believe any TV show would have to "set" anything or anyone up.
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