Thursday, May 19, 2011


Wednesday Night at Ray's

Diane's charitable ministry had just fed a couple of hundred folks in Tompkins Square Park. Her team of volunteers was packing up tents , tables , leftovers and other paraphernalia  ,when in the middle of avenue A red lights began flashing .

Jewels was  exposing himself again .The red lights dimmed as Diane approached Jewels . 2 cops from the patrol car approached Jewels from the opposite direction . Diane told Jewels that he was an asshole and then , clearly angered , mentioned something to him about being annoyed by having to witness a man with a small penis .The cops told Jewels  to pull up his pants , walk to the sidewalk and sit down .

Out front of Ray's closed candy store the cops made it clear that they didn't want to be bothered with the boy wonder of avenue A .They lectured Jewels a bit  about proper behavior , after all there are children on the avenue , but  did not cuff him or even write him a summons . Jewels later claimed that the cops had told him  , as they looked him straight in the face ,  that the next time they caught him with his pants down they would just beat him to death .

It is sad when woman and children have to see LES JEWELS Maybe this guy needs a 90 day
Is public exposure a sign that one is near the bottom end? This reminds me of seeing Jaco Pastorious, bassist of Weather Report, doing the same thing in Wash' Sq. Park. 3 months later he was dead. if that's any indication, you may not have to put up with this guy too much longer.
Jewels is ALREADY dead.

I often wondered WHY cops won't arrest that slimy piece of shit, esp. after exposing himself to children at the kid's playground and randomly assaulting folks along Avenue A, but then I realized the simple reason: they don't want to have to touch him (gloves or no gloves) and they definitely do NOT want his nasty ass in their patrol cars -- the stink would remain there long after he was going through the system.
Jewels needs to put his "junk" away. Flashing at kids is a NO NO!!Glad Diane told him off.
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