Thursday, May 19, 2011


Thursday's Inspection

Thursday afternoon folks waited outside Ray's Candy Store to learn the results of today's Dept Health and Mental Hygiene inspection .Two inspectors from the agency , after more than 2 hours , failed Ray's again claiming according to Ray to have found more mouse excreta and a rest room door that doesn't close properly.

We've noticed that for each inspection there is always a different inspector . We would expect that each inspector would see the situation a bit differently , find different violations , and as we all know there's always something ...right? If more different inspectors , who are each  of course motivated to find violations , come to Ray's more of those somethings will be found , arbitrarily new violations will be found . This inquisition could go on forever and Ray's Candy Store will never open ...

This is not an inspection, it's the city beating one man down and it is sad. Fuck Mayor Bloomberg and his goon squad.
Take a look at the latest developement Marty . I don't know what to say .
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