Friday, May 20, 2011


Ray's Candy Store at 113 Avenue A is Now "Legally" Open for Business

Sometime between 2Pm and 3PM Friday afternoon an inspector from the Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene lifted the closure order from Ray's Candy Store . Ray is "legally "open for business . Now all Ray has to do is pay the thousands in fines .

YEAH!!!!I have told my readers. Thanks for the update Bob.
YES!!! Bob, this is such great news! 5th time is a charm!! I really love this photograph, beautiful
Great news right Lindsay and Melanie . A relief ,now we canrelax a bit and enjoy life a bit . Maybe some more Marguritas next door to celebrate .

It sure looked bleak this morning .
The hell with margaritas, go buy egg creams at Ray's! He needs the money more!
Sorry Lisa but I probably really need a Margarita or 2 or....
HooRAY! I'm going there tonight to spend some money!

The great news: Ray's is open!
The somewhat bad news: Jesus is supposedly blowing up the world tomorrow. Go to Ray's today!
Good news! Now, let's keep it that way.
Great news!
Great news for ray, hope the yippie cafe is not on the germ squad hitlist
Thanks for all your reporting on this, Bob. And I'm thankful that NMNL is back in action too.
Like I said before Grieve , its either do NMNL or smoke Krack!
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