Monday, May 09, 2011


A Peculiar Happening at the Chess Tables

At the chess tables Monday night police searched 3 of the park's regulars . Those searched claimed that they didn't know what the police officers were interested in finding .According  to one member of the group the cops found their bottle of booze  along with the ginger ale that was their mixer -- we saw a mixed drink on the table . Clearly the cops were not interested in the booze though  . The guys all affirmed that the cops placed the bottle back in the bag in which it had been found . Another member of the group claimed that the cops made a notable effort to examine the tax stamp on his pack of cigarettes .

As a comfortably dressed couple passed , the cops hurriedly left without making an arrest or even issuing a summons.

I'm glad nobody got a ticket and that they got their booze back. A cop once poured a freshly opened Bud tallboy out he took from me on the ground. Now THAT'S police brutality!
Marty , I've seen my beer spilled too its always a brutal tragedy... even if wasn't cops that spilled it .
They were checking I.D. and searching guys on the basketball courts too.
I think they got a tip that Bin Laden was still alive and in the area....
At least it was a nice day in the park, I assume the cops were looking for something or someone. I am way too scared to go over by that park or anywhere near Avenue A or B. I once went to Ave C, and the most I ever saw of Ave D was on a map, Im soooo scared of that place.
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