Monday, May 23, 2011


Monday Afternoon at Ray's Candy store

Last week it was the Dept . of Health and Mental Hygiene that tookover Ray's Candy Store . Today a production company took over to film at Ray's

This afternoon we walked down avenue A to Ray's . A young PA stepped in our way and  told us that we could not pass . We were told that we had to crossover to the other side of the street . We said no we don't and walked on toward Ray's .

We entered the candy store  and called for Ray but there was no answer . We saw only strange faces behind the counter and a man with a camera . No one answered our call .Ray was not to be found .Lets hope that Ray worked a lucrative deal  for the use of his store that will produce enough money to pay his Health dept fines .

P.S. Tuesday 24 May ,11:54 A.M. : Last night Ray told us that the production company had paid him $3000 for the use of his candy store .

typical of Hollywood taking over & no one is allowed to do anything in their own neighborhood, Thanks once again for bringing back the blog Bob, its the only accurate reporting in our neighborhood
Once again Hollywood trys to take over our neighborhood, sorry if the comment got published twice. & Thank You Bob for bringing back the most accurate & unbiased reporting in our neighborhood
I hope Ray gets a good payday out of this and I'm not talking about the candy bar either!
I am glad you were able to amble on..this should be good for Ray--they pay decent money and that should cover the fines. I was walking in the park and overheard a conversation between two HBO crew members-"-how can we film in there it is sooo narrow".(I thought they might be referring to Ray's). Is it artisinal gelato or frozen yogurt today at Ray's????
One forward and two back for Ray, hope this takes care of his fines.
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