Thursday, May 12, 2011


Guard Tower at Campos Plaza

The placement of this tower at Campos Plaza was brought to our attention by . A guard tower usually reminds of a prison yard with inmates , yet here one stands , 24/7 , in the commons area of a NYC housing project .We've been to this commons area at Campos Plaza several times to cover stories such as : 
According to police dept. personnel this tower is a deterrent . Indeed we were told that the commons area has been clear of gang activity since the tower has been in place . But the tower will only be at Campos for a total of 30 days .Then the tower will be relocated to another project for another 30 days for the same purpose , as a deterrent .
Just a couple of weeks before the tower was put  in place at Campos , a slashing occurred not far from where this tower now stands.

When is Corporal Agarn planning on knocking this over with a misplaced cannonball?
IfThey keep kickin that canon something like that might happen.
is this going to be over the row this summer for the new intake
@Anonymous 1:49 AM: Ha ha ha! Good one!
Marty , I suspect that anon 1:49 am just might be private Vanderbilt .
@Bob Arihood: Ha ha ha! I have to go to YouTube now and watch some F Troop, one of my favorite shows as a kid. Along with Hogan's Heroes. Who knew Nazi war camps were so much fun? Hooogan!
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