Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Cochise on Crusty Row

Cochise was on the row today but where were the Crustys? Don't the swallows always fly all the way from Argentina every year , to return on time in the spring at mission San Juan Capistrano? Can't the Crustys travel on time the relatively short distance from little old New Orleans to the row here in N.Y.C?

Many have been wondering... whats going on ? They are not here yet , not a sign of them coming either . Was NYPD to harsh and unwelcoming to them last summer . Perhaps a previously unreported flesh eating disease diminished their number beyond repair and none are left to make the trip. Maybe its just global warming ... pardon , climate change.

It was Jazz Fest. In NOLA the past two weekends.

Too big an opportunity to fleece tourists to pass up.

They'll make their way soon...
Haha Dont worry, They will all be here by the middle of June.
Like bed bugs ? Heat of summer draws them ?
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