Saturday, May 28, 2011


Friday Evening at the Tompkins Square Park Chess Tables with Thor Grim , Mosaic Man and Karl

An angry arm tossed bottles that shattered  . Humid evening air , heavy with the scent of burning cannabis hung close . L.E.S. Jewels had sobered a bit and was now sitting drinking upright on a bench at a chess table ... not as before passed out under that  table . Bags of this and that , some cigarettes too , were changing hands . All was as always at the Tompkins Square Park chess tables .

Thor  Grim (formerly known as Biker Bill) sat slouching at a table in conversation with a recumbent  Trotskyist Karl  . Mosaic Man cooed and chortled to Jesse Jane who happily wagged her tail . Mosaic Man said something to a scowling Thor Grim . Thor Grim raised his voice and pounded his fist on the concrete table before him . Karl ,with some effort, slowly rose to upright in response . Time passed and it grew darker , another day was soon to be night.         

Great photos and I loved your summation of the day. Nice and descriptive, felt like I was there reading it. Somehow, I have a feeling there wasn't a soft drink in that Coke glass on the chess table.
Well Marty I hate to have to disabuse you of your suspicion concerning the Coke cup but it belonged to Karl and he gave up booze years ago .Of course many other cups of all sorts were to the brim with a mix of alcoholic and other fluids .

not everyone at the tables was happy but they drank anyway as lights shone , cameras pictured and young women strutted in high heels .
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