Saturday, April 30, 2011


Cowboy Stan's Birthday

Friday was Cowboy Stan's Birthday . He celebrated at the chess tables in Tompkins Square Park . Cowboy , now 60 , claimed that he was lucky as he was still young , hung and dumb . Spike , now smiling , uttered a comparative declaration praising Gene Simmons' tongue just as Cochise began slobbering on Cowboy's ear .

Happy birthday Cowboy!

Bob I'm glad NMNL is back!!!!YEAH!! Woo Woo for real. Had to go and photograph the guy with the chopper and the guy who spills stuff and mops it up with his special sponge mop at the Street Fair. Was a quieter event and stopped promptly at 5PM. I missed the Thai Food Vendors tho--none there this year.
Thanx for the support Melanie
Bob...Great to see you back! I look forward to viewing NMNL Every night.
Thanx Bobby . Strange to be back trolling for nonsense in the streets .
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