Friday, May 14, 2010


Sleez and Sid "The Nazi" One Year Ago on Crusty Row in Tompkins Square Park ...

A few days before this picture was taken , Lesia Pupshaw and 2 males were severely beaten on Crusty Row in Tompkins Square Park by a wilding youth gang . Lesia died in bed the next day at her home . The event began a summer with several such wilding attacks in the Tompkins Square Park neighborhood .

Where are they now?
Don't know their exact location these days .
Just to shed a little light on that old story from last year...
It was confirmed that Lesia died from a heroin overdose. , and after the fight, she left the hospital because she was sitting in the waiting room too long and , she then went home and shot up. Twice that week the nypd and fdny went to her apt because of her overdose. The 3rd time was after the fight, she didnt make it that 3rd time from the overdose. Heroin killed her, not the dirtbag purto ricans from campos plaza(that probably sold it). If she didnt shoot up, she probably wouldnt be dead. (well at least that night). Heroin is a problem in the East Village and the rest of the city\world since its so cheap these days. NY state drug laws are very liberal too, so if you get arrested for it, your only doing a few weeks of jail anyway. Before I got out of NA, I was arrested in TSP by this old cop who looked like dracula. I did 2 weeks in rikers after my withdrawals, and that was it, it was my 3rd time arrested that year. Lucky for me I got off the stuff, but so many people I know get arrested, do a few weeks and get back out, and get right back on the heroin. Instead of putting people in jail, they should spend tax dollars on treatment and counseling. Then if that doesnt work, REAL JAIL TIME. It worked for me. It could save lives, Or do we need more Lesia Pupshaw' cases in the East Village?
Though it is true that several substances including heroin were found by the Medical Examiner in Ms. Pupshaws tissue samples it is also true that she was brutally beaten .

While the ME ruled that heroin and other drugs were the cause of death it is also likely that the pain , both emotional and physical ,resulting from the violent bludgeoning had in some way played a part in Ms. Pupshaw's decision to get high .We suggest here that this violent event was effectively a contibuting factor in Ms. Pupshaw's death : without the beating she would likely not have had quite the reason to get high and thus overdose.We of course realise that such a claim of contributing cause would never stand challenge in criminal court .

Once the ME's office attributed the cause of death to a drug overdose the police did not seriously pursue the violent bludgeoning case .No one was ever charged with this violent attack on Lesia and the 2 others who were also attacked with her . All 3 were bludgeoned about their faces with bottles , knocked to the ground and then kicked and beaten more . .
These junkies get high and deal with dangerous people, Rumor has it they got jumped because they didnt pay for their drugs. Play with fire, you get burned.
...No one was ever charged with this violent attack on Lesia and the 2 others...

That's the problem right there. Didn't show up on Compstat, no investigation, no arrests, no nothing, as far as I can tell. The attackers were never punished and they are still on the street. Maybe next time, they'll attack someone who will merit/demand (or their families will merit/demand) an investigation. But, of course, there shouldn't be a next time. Regardless of Lesia's drug use, those guys should be in jail.
God rest her soul. is there going to be a funeral/memorial service and why aren't these attacks, the wilding attacks in the news?

that is so fucking sad. I will pray for her.
Earlier this evening was the first time I came across the news of this incident and I am devastated.
It is a horrific story in general but this hit me especially hard because I went to high school with Lesia and we were great friends. She was eventually kicked out and I didn't see her as much anymore because she had started disappearing from home more frequently. The times I did see her I tried to help her out and let her know I was there for her.

It was not even 2 weeks ago that I thought of her again, wondered where she was and hoped she was ok. It breaks my heart to read what was done to her and to know she is no longer here. She started spending so much time on the street and in the park because she had a hard time at home. I was witness to some of it when I would stay over and that was obviously just a fraction of her everyday reality. She was a smart and sweet girl who unfortunately was dealt a rough hand.

I am so sorry Lesia. I hope you are at peace.
Sleez is a connect. I was clean before I met him, and he reintroduced me into the H-trade. It ended with me in rehab and I lost my apartment.

He looks for anyone who he has scored for and pitches his services (like some investment banker calling on accounts).

Drew (LES Jewels) may be an idiot, but he never actively seduced those in recovery back into their own personal heroin hell. Sleez takes pride in such behavior.

He is not a regular crusty. He is a parasite who hooks up anyone with money to all the local dealers on the LES.
SLEEZ is not a connect, nor is he a "parasite" ...he is a good-soul, and just someone trying to maintain a habit by middle-manning at times. Listen, I understand the point you made anonymous....but SLEEZ is also someone who has to deal with the fact that his girlfriend is dying..or may be dead by now...I am not sure, I lef the park in december '09 and am now in FL.....anyway, I digress....I just do not like to hear someone giving him a bad rap...he never forced you to be "reintroduced" to heroin....and as someone in recovery, you should know that YOU are solely responsible for your relapse. There were times I had plenty of cash on me and SLLEZ knew it and never asked for a thing....he also had my back a few times when trouble came around the, about Lesia and all that...we all know it was unsavory characters from Campos....we also all know that a debt was not paid...and although it is a terrible tragedy she really should have been more careful in her dealings. I really didn't want to get into all of this, and now I feel kinda sick to my stomach...I hope everyone up there is well... I sometimes let myself wander, and entertain the thought of coming back up to NYC and the LES...i miss it, but I am better off where I am for now. cheers.
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