Monday, May 10, 2010


When Bombs Talk ...

Back in the 90s when it was letter bombs that were in vogue , some local wit stuck this pithy little statement to a US Postal Service mailbox at the corner of avenue A and 4th street . What with all the recent "suspicious package" and "bomb" runs being made by NYPD these post Times Square bomb days , this little sticker still reads true .
Ever since Faisal Shazhad , with a reported 4 days of bomb making training in Pakistan , failed to set off his Rube Goldberg fizzler in Times Square , numerous expensive runs have been made by NYPD's bomb squad . Justifiably so : this $2000 fizzler had , at least as we understand the facts provided , on the order of 8 million BTUs of energy to deliver as a dramatic , explosively expanding ball of fire .This amount of energy liberated by a properly designed device over a suitably short period of time would indeed produce a damaging explosion ; especially so if a suitable oxidizer in the necessary quantity was contained in the device . Thus all such reports have to be taken seriously ; even though by doing so dear police resources are being consumed at a fearful rate , too much is at stake not to .
Considering all , it seems that some thrift minded bomb making terrorists have figured out how to get the biggest terror bang for their terrorist buck without even having to make much of a bang with their bombs .
For one of today's bomb runs :
...and again Tuesday in Times Square :

Has anyone seen the stencil of the Trix rabbit lighting bombs? The same artist has the I­ LOVE NY logo modified with a lit bomb replacing the heart....
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