Monday, April 05, 2010


Pedestrian Battles With Cab Driver at 7th Street and Avenue A ...

The nearly full can of Cobra malt liquor hit the sidewalk hard near where we were standing late Sunday night .The can seems to have bounced off a cab stopped in the street . A pedestrian for some reason was either attempting to pull the driver of the cab from his car or was pushing him back into his car .
Something had happened that angered the pedestrian enough to throw a can of malt liquor wildly in the direction of a cab and also cause the pedestrian to attack a cab driver . What the cab driver had done to cause this confrontation we do not know .

From the underfed look of the combatant, the cab driver engaged in a poorly timed critique of
Jacques Derrida perhaps? ;)
Obviously the cab's credit card machine would'nt accept the Cobra drinkers Amex Gold Card...hence the altercation. ;-)
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