Tuesday, April 13, 2010


A Novel Event : A Non-Drug Related Phone Call is Placed From the Infamous "Pee Phone"

I take it that this is a female.
However, one never knows on the LES.
Either way, they probably pee'd in that cup before using the Pee phone..
Yes, an historic first none the less.
Yes Steve we believe that this caller was a female .
As to the cup before hand we have no knowledge.
Great shot but definately Not A First see my collection.
The cup is for a urine sample to take to the doctor--the new health care reform is at hand.
I realize that it is a first for the neither more nor less blog to post a pee-free user at the Infamous Pee Phone.
I hope for her sake she used a hand mouth and ear sanitizer after her exposure to the colonies of germs in on and around the Pee Phone....

Perhaps a warning label would be of service....
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