Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Exposed Rat Poison in Tompkins Square Park ...

Rat poison should not be accessible to any living thing other than the rats that the poison is intended to kill . Clearly the blue green granules of poison pictured above are accessible to not just Tompkins Square Park's rats but also squirrels , dogs , birds and children . These granules are also attractive to squirrels , dogs , birds and children . This poison is improperly placed at the opening of the rat holes .
We suspect from the color of the granules that this poison is a recent generation anti-coagulant rat poison that is a federally regulated poison with an EPA number . The EPA requires those who handle and place this kind of poison to have a licence and proper training in how to apply this poison .
Those persons trained to properly apply this poison are instructed to use a tube to funnel the poison deep in the rat hole where only rats will come in contact with the poison .No poison should be visible and accessible at the opening of the rat hole .

What?!? I thought that was leftover Easter treats! It was delic.. . .
This is awfull Bob. Did someone notify the Parks dept.?
We are hoping that the parks people will see this post but We will also try to find someone in charge that can do something to clean up the mess .
who put it there?
I have the same rat poison under my kitchen sink, exposed. My landlord put it on a coffee filter after I caught rats on traps under the sink. is that the wrong way to put the poison?
Whats under yur sink is nor likely the same poison .You or your landlord can not buy the poison used in the park .
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